Friday 17 April 2009

Henry Shelton

Henry Shelton is a noted painter of religious art in a contemporary style.

He trained as an apprentice draughtsman in a London studio developing his drawing skills in lettering and fine art. After 15 years he set up his own studio receiving many commissions to design for such clients as the Science Museum, Borough Councils, private and corporate bodies.

In recent years he has worked designing in studios across the world, including Hong Kong and the USA. Throughout this time he has painted Christian art and his commissions include an Ascension installed as an Altar piece in the Church of the Saviour, Chell Heath; the Millennium clock tower in Goodmayes and the memorial etched glass windows in All Saints Church, Goodmayes, depicting events in the life of Jesus. In 2007 he had a one man exhibition in York Minister depicting the Stations of the Cross. Most recently, he has completed commissions for St Lukes Chapel in Queens Hospital Romford and a contemporary set of Stations of the crown of thorns for St Pauls Goodmayes.

Henry is the Chair of commission4mission. An interview with Henry can be found by clicking here and here.


  1. Henry Shelton is, in my opinion, a truly spiritualy motivated artist. His work is often simplistic and yet profound, leaving the viewer to enjoy their own interpretation. Having met the man on many occassions I know he is entirely sincere in his beliefs and I know it gives him great pleasure to share his faith through his art. It's lovely to see his work on this site.

  2. I would have to agree and think that the simplicity of his line and imagery has real resonance with the work of Matisse in the Vence Chapel.