Thursday 8 April 2010

Sergiy Shkanov

'Nice to see you', stained glass

'Beginning', oil & acrylic on canvas, 2008
Sergiy Shkanov is a professional artist working in the fields of stained glass, murals, mosaics, painting, graphic arts, and book illustration. He is a tutor of Fine Arts.

Sergiy has participated in group shows across Europe since 1987 and holds numerous personal exhibitions in the United Kingdom. He undertakes art commissions for private and corporative clients.

Sergiy says: “My concept in art is as old as the world itself – to introduce to our world something that will not destroy, but construct. Artists are like the emptiness of a flute, through which a sound goes and results in the creation of music. In our contemporary world there is too much violence and too little love. There should be something to oppose this. I choose art as a means of resistance.”

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