Sunday 22 March 2009

Harvey Bradley

"There is something exciting about taking dull, grey, ash from the burning of wood and using it on pottery, particularly porcelain, to form colourful glazed surfaces. To me this transformation process is meaningful. We use a jug for baptisms at our church on which the ash (symbol of repentance) after being fired to 1260 C has become a textural gold colour (an encouraging warm earthy gold). Colours like this can lift the spirit.

Over the years pottery has been my chosen craft. Increasingly however I like to draw and paint as well. Generally my pottery tends to be functional – mainly domestic, with some ecclesiastical ware. My paintings are more reflective and open to prayerful interpretation. My recent plans are to bring aspects of these artistic activities closer together – enjoying the colourful use of wood ash glazes on porcelain whilst producing Conte pastel studies ready for my oil painting on canvas."

Harvey’s creative work includes: Stoneware and Porcelain pottery; Oil Paintings; and Designs for church banners, altar frontals, candlesticks, baptistery tiles and ecclesiastical commissions of various sorts. His designs tend to be illustrative, reflective and open to prayerful interpretation.

Trained as a Designer, Harvey is a long standing and selected member of Anglian Potters – a prestigious association that exhibits members work in such venues as Ely Cathedral, All Saints (Jesus Lane) and Emmanuel College in Cambridge. As well as contributing to these, Harvey has recently shown work at Chichester Cathedral, Spring Harvest, New Wine and Greenbelt with the Christian arts group Veritasse. His work can be viewed on the Anglian Potters site by clicking here.

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