Tuesday 24 January 2012

Gillian Barritt

Gillian Barritt is a ceramics artist whose work is expressive and sculptural. Her work reflects her Christian faith as well as capturing a love of Cornwall where she lives and was born.

Gillian is also interested in writing and incorporates words with clay pieces which include scripture and also poetry.

She also has an interest in recycled media like sea china and glass and has incorporated these into recent work. She uses the form of the cross to create work with biblical imagery.

Thursday 19 January 2012

Members update: event and exhibitions

The next event organised by Faith & Image, a forum for all who are interested in art and spirituality, will be: 'Politics, Persecution and Propaganda: The Music of William Byrd.'

William Byrd was England's greatest composer of the Elizabethan period, but his life was shaped by his Catholic religious commitment. In hostile circumstances, he made his voice heard through a highly politicised use of his art.

This will be a talk with music examples by Graham Dixon on Tuesday, January 24th January at 8.00pm. Venue: The Gwinnell Room, St Mary’s Church, High Road, South Woodford, E18. Visitors welcome. Donations invited. Refreshments available. Details from Mark Lewis: Telephone 020 8504 5840 or email: pharos@sketchbook.wanadoo.co.uk.

Emerging artists Melissa Burn, Jakub Ceglarz, Mette Tofte Philipsen, Polly Saunders and Subash Thebe are showing their latest work in ‘Five Seasons’ at the Tokarska Gallery until 28 January, Thursday - Saturday, 12noon - 7pm.
Then the Gallery will show the work of Lia Vio, who lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. Her work positions the viewer as a voyeur and participant in a surrealistic journey of self-reflection, offering not only formal inquiry into the ephemeral visual relationships around us, but also the blended aspects of the visual world and visual thinking as well. The visual perception of her photographs operates on many planes: you can always see more in conjunction with what you're focused on.
Tokarska are showing large format photographs from the series "Reincarnation", "Solely in My Head", "Mining the Silent Evidence" and others. Each photograph is cohesive within its series, both formally and conceptually, evoking a sense of awe, mystery and suspense. 2 - 25 February 2012. PRIVATE VIEW 2 February 2012, 7pm - 9pm.

Tuesday 10 January 2012

'Run with the Fire' on YouTube

A promotional presentation for 'Run with the Fire' is now available to be viewed on YouTube. The presentation outlines the project, shows examples of work included and gives information for ordering copies of the 'Run with the Fire' pack.
Every 'Run with the Fire' pack includes:

·        a digital exhibition on DVD with a 2 year licence for use in the purchasing church
·        an electronic book and planning aid produced by three experienced Christian event organisers, with samples and templates to save you time and effort
·        telephone, skype or e-mail support to help you use the pack effectively
·        access to a large pool of Christian artists who you may wish to involve in your project   

Each 'Run with the Fire' pack costs £50.00 (any profits, go to Oxfam) and can be bought from http://www.veritasse.co.uk/ or by contacting Sue Newham on 01686 626228.

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Member's updates

Viki Isherwood Metzler has a new website showcasing her cartoons. It can be found by clicking here and, once there, allows you to sign up to receive a free weekly cartoon.
Christopher Clack has added an essay by James Elkins to his Modern Religious Art website. The essay entitled 'Bridging the Gap between Modern Art and Religion' reflects on Re-Enchantment, a one-day event at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in April 2007 which has recently been written up and published as a book with the same title.

Jonathan Evens will be speaking on commission4mission and understandings of Christian Art at the February Learning Supper for West Mersea Parish Church (6.30pm, Sunday 26th February). Learning Suppers on Mersea Island include a time of worship, teaching, prayer and a convivial supper of soup, cheese and wine on the 4th Sunday in the month.