Tuesday 10 January 2012

'Run with the Fire' on YouTube

A promotional presentation for 'Run with the Fire' is now available to be viewed on YouTube. The presentation outlines the project, shows examples of work included and gives information for ordering copies of the 'Run with the Fire' pack.
Every 'Run with the Fire' pack includes:

·        a digital exhibition on DVD with a 2 year licence for use in the purchasing church
·        an electronic book and planning aid produced by three experienced Christian event organisers, with samples and templates to save you time and effort
·        telephone, skype or e-mail support to help you use the pack effectively
·        access to a large pool of Christian artists who you may wish to involve in your project   

Each 'Run with the Fire' pack costs £50.00 (any profits, go to Oxfam) and can be bought from http://www.veritasse.co.uk/ or by contacting Sue Newham on 01686 626228.

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