Friday 17 December 2010

Dedications of recently completed commissions

We now have details for dedications or thanksgivings for each of our three most recently completed commissions:

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Richard Paton

Windows for St Augustine's Chelmsford and St Barnabas Kensington

Richard Paton graduated from Liverpool with BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 1990 and was then awarded an MA in Visual Culture at Middlesex University in 1998. He is a self taught stained glass artist with 20 years in the trade who started Rainbow Glass Studios, based in Stoke Newington, North London, in 2001 .

In that time Richard has had hundreds of commissions which have required different techniques and designs to fulfill the very diverse briefs. These range from corporate work to individual commissions from the rich and famous through to work in Churches. The variety of glass techniques at his disposal uniquely puts him at an advantage to explore interesting and original work. He also teaches regularly at his studio on weekday evenings and runs Saturday workshops for beginners. His work has been featured on TV and at the National Gallery. He is also on the committee for the Contemporary Glass Society who promote the work of glass artists.

Saturday 11 December 2010

Commission: Fused glass windows at St Peters Harold Wood

Caroline Richardson has just installed our fifth completed commission at St Peters Harold Wood. This commission was for 14 fused glass panels set in steel frames forming two windows; the left window on the theme 'I am the light of the world' and the right on the theme 'I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.' The commission commerorates the completion earlier this year of a major building project at St Peters Harold Wood.

Our earlier completed commissions are:
Future commissions include a holy water stoup for St Margaret Great Ilford and a mosaic for St Johns Seven Kings.

Friday 10 December 2010

Commission: Etched windows at All Saints Hutton

Yesterday seven etched windows to designs by Henry Shelton were installed at All Saints Hutton, our fourth completed commission. Each window contains iconography representing a different saint, with the seven saints featured being Cecilia, Martin of Tours, Peter, Mary, Paul, James the Great, and Margaret of Antioch.

Henry Shelton's designs have an economy of line and gesture which conjure eloquent and elegant meanings from the most minimal of marks. An earlier commission for etched windows by Shelton can be found at All Saints Goodmayes utilising a similar style but focusing on scenes from the Life of Christ. The etching at All Saints Hutton was undertaken by Richard Paton of Rainbow Glass Studios.

The commission is in memory of Mrs Patricia Harries. Her husband writes, "Henry's designs have come out superbly. I am so pleased that the whole project has gone so well and I am sure that my wife approves as well." A service at which the Archdeacon of Southend will dedicate the windows is planned for Sunday 27th March 2011 at 11.15am.

Thursday 9 December 2010

Commission dedication: 'The Baptism of Jesus'

The dedication of our third completed commission – the painting ‘The Baptism of Jesus’ by Rosalind Hore will take place on Sunday 2nd January 2010, 10.00am, St Edmund’s Church, Reddings Lane, Tyseley, Birmingham B11 3DD.

Rosalind Hore’s painting sees water, fish, cross, crown, dove, fire and light – all the signs and symbols of his future ministry – swept up together to coalesce around the baptised Jesus. Vigorous movement and vibrant colour combine to depict the glory of the Son who is here commissioned by the Father and empowered by the Spirit.

The painting has been donated in memory of Revd. Phil Evens, a former Vicar of Tyseley and father of Jonathan Evens, and was chosen by the congregation from a selection of works by commission4mission artists.

Revd. Steve Simcox, Vicar of Tyseley, says, “I think this painting will be very special in St Edmund’s Church. We have mounted the painting … so the prominent thing that is seen as you enter the church is the painting.”

commission4mission Newsletter No. 6

Pottery and paintings in our ‘Peacing Together One World’ exhibition at St Mary Magdalen, Billericay

Newsletter No. 6 – December 2010

Peacing Together One World

Peacing Together One World, our most recent exhibition, was held at St Mary Magdalen Billericay during One World Week. The exhibition was curated for us by Harvey Bradley who also acted as artist-in-residence throughout the exhibition. The exhibition featured a varied range of work by 14 commission4mission artists including our newest members at that point, Richard Baxter and Alan Hitching, both potters. As a result, a significant selection of pottery was shown alongside paintings and sculptures.

Harvey, and his wife Barbara, organised a range of supplementary events during the week which helped to swell the numbers attending the exhibition as a whole. These included a successful performance evening featuring images, meditations, music and poetry readings. Among those taking part in this evening were Colin Burns, Anne Creasey, Michael Creasey, Jonathan Evens and Helen Gheorgiou Gould.

Joy Rousell Stone @ St Nicholas Rawreth

Following from our ongoing exhibition space at All Saints West Ham, a second church has offered space to commission4mission members and Joy Rousell Stone was the first member to take up their offer with an exhibition of landscapes and animal paintings held at St Nicholas Rawreth in October. Joy’s skilful technique and insightful eye were greatly appreciated by those viewing the exhibition.

Run With The Fire

Run With The Fire is an arts project for the London 2012 Olympics organized by CANA, commission4mission and Veritasse based on the image of fire which links the Church’s Pentecost celebration with that of the Olympic runner.

Over 40 artists have applied to be part of Run With The Fire. Artists from South Korea, China, South Africa, USA, Netherlands, UK and the Philippines are all keen to supply artwork for the project. The deadline for entries has now passed. The next stage is the selection of artists by the jury members, all respected Christians with a background in the arts. All artists will be informed of the jury’s decision during January 2011.

Run With The Fire will create an original, international collection of artwork, for churches running community arts outreach projects, linked with the 2012 Olympics in London. Information for churches wishing to use the digital exhibition and put on community events will be produced by Easter 2011. If you wish to put your church on the Run With The Fire information mailing list, please contact Sue Newham,

Run With The Fire is our first collaborative project but we hope it will not be the last as our Patron, the Bishop of Barking, is writing to a range of other arts and faith organizations to sound them out about the possibility of working in partnership in future.

Member profile: Ally Clarke

Ally Clarke studied Sculpture at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee and is inclined to create installation works complimented by photography, drawing, collage and print. Enjoying creative collaborations, she has worked with other artists to produce film and performance works. Ally views her creative work as a means of investigating the world and presents evocative, personal creations that produce opportunities for reflection and refreshment.

2011 plans

In 2011 expect to see among other initiatives:

• the launch of the Barking Art Trail;
• dedications of commissions at All Saints Hutton, St Edmunds Tyseley; St Peters Harold Wood;
• a group exhibition at the Crypt Gallery in St Martin-in-the-Fields;
• a new charitable constitution presented at our AGM;
• a new publicity leaflet; and
• involvement in the Barking Episcopal Area Art Festival and the Bishop of Barking’s resourcing mission week in Harlow.

Keeping Art and Soul Together

c4m featured in a recent Church Times article entitled ‘Keeping Art and Soul Together’ which can be read at

Thursday 2 December 2010

Run with the Fire: Response

Over 40 artists have applied to be part of Run With The Fire. Artists from South Korea, China, South Africa, USA, Netherlands, UK and the Philippines are all keen to supply artwork for the project. The deadline for entries has now passed.

Run With The Fire will create an original, international collection of artwork, for churches running community arts outreach projects, linked with the 2012 Olympics in London.

The next stage is the selection of artists by the jury members, all respected Christians with a background in the arts. All artists will be informed of the jury’s decision during January 2011.

Information for churches wishing to use the digital exhibition and put on community events will be produced by Easter 2011.

If you wish to put your church on the Run With The Fire information mailing list, please contact Sue Newham,

Friday 19 November 2010

Commissioning changes include c4m

commission4mission features in an a current Church Times article entitled 'Keeping Art & Soul Together' where Pat Ashworth finds that the art of commissioning works for churches has changed a great deal since the swashbuckling days of Walter Hussey.

The reference in the article to commission4mission is as follows:

"There is also Commission for Mission, run by the Revd Jonathan Evens, under the patronage of the Bishop of Barking, the Rt Revd David Hawkins, with a brief to encourage churches with smaller budgets. A proportion of the artist's fee goes to charity. It was launched 18 months ago, and Mr Evens has been surprised and delighted at the range and number of artists keen to work with churches."

The announcement that, to mark the centenary of the birth of Dean Walter Hussey, Chichester Cathedral has commissioned Jaume Plensa’s sculpture Together for its main aerial space is the catalyst for the article. Also in the Church Times Anthony Cane’s diary tells the inside story of the commissioning process and Catalan sculptor Plensa talks about his winning submission.

Friday 12 November 2010

Club Urban's 'Genesis' Exhibition

Club Urban is a forum for Arts and the Bible providing the opportunity, over informal breakfast and supper gatherings, for engaging with other artists to advance Christian-based thinking and action. Their latest exhibition is currently at the Westferry Studios and last night they held an evening of artist talks and music in the exhibition space.

The exhibition featured work by Colin Burns (who also performed several of his guitar instrumentals) and Viki Isherwood-Metzler. Colin said, "In the Genesis exhibition I have explored the theme of the garden. I use the garden as a point of entry into another type of world and also to convey a sense of light and vibrancy reflecting something of the nature of God." Viki, commenting on her animation strip 'Eve' and cartoons 'The Big Bang' and 'Dinosaurs', said "In contrast to Stephen Hawking I do believe in God or a creator of all things, even if they didn't happen as I depict in my cartoons. I guess I am showing how things could have - and in the 'Eve' piece - how it should have happened."

This was a very interesting and engaging exhibition with a wide range of different media and styles on show. Among other works which particularly took the eye were: Jon Britten's Possibilities of new horizons with its abstract mark making suggesting the dynamism of creative activity; John Gledhill's Jacob's Dream and Jacob wrestling the angel with their Kossoff-like use of thick impasto echoing the drama inherent in these narratives; David Healey's The Word exploring the emergence of the Word of God through multiple images of John 1 from a screwed up to revealed state; Noel Isherwood's Stadt Babylon and Stadt Nineva paintings with their God's eye view of cityscapes anticipating the New Jerusalem; and Reto Scheiber's Jesus video animation based on light in darkness and inspired by his conversion experience.

Monday 8 November 2010

c4m artist's update (8)

Colin Burns and Viki Isherwood-Metzler belong to a group of artists called ClubUrban who are holding an exhibition of paintings on the theme of Genesis from Monday 8th -Saturday 13th November. There is a particular invite to the Thursday evening exhibition event (11th November) when there will be artists talks and live music - including Colin Burns on guitar. This event is from 6.30pm onwards.

There is also the opening night on Monday 8th from 5.30pm - 9.00 pm. The other exhibition times are Tuesday - Saturday 11.00 am - 4.30pm. Colin Burns will be at the exhibition on the Monday and Thursday evenings and daytime Saturday. There are some 15 artists exhibiting. Directions can be found here: The exhibition address is 98 & 128 Westferry Studios, Milligan Street, London E14 8AS (Next to 'Westferry' DLR Station, on the way to Canary Wharf).
Faith and Image is a forum for all who are interested in art and spirituality. Their next event is Apects of Medieval Art - illustrated talks by artists Mark Lewis and Peter Webb on Medieval Stained Glass and Metalwork - on Tuesday, November 16th 2010 at 8.00pm. Venue: The Gwinnell Room, St Mary’s Church, High Road, South Woodford, E18. Visitors welcome Donations are invited Refreshments available

The talks will inform a visit to the Medieval Galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum on Sunday, November 21st at 3.00pm. Meet inside the Main Entrance, Cromwell Road. Visitors welcome No charge for this event. Details of both events from Mark Lewis: Telephone 020 8504 5840 or Email:

The Winter Selling Exhibition by members of Anglian Potters will feature the work of c4m artists, Harvey Bradley and Richard Baxter. The exhibition is from Saturday 13 November to Sunday 12 December 2010,
10am to 4pm, every day, including Sunday. All welcome. All Saints' Church, Jesus Lane, Cambridge.

Anglian Potters return to their usual winter venue for a selling exhibition of work by our members. A perfect opportunity for Christmas shoppers to buy something unique and special. All Saints' Church is owned by the Churches Conservation Trust, which has restored the interior and its extraordinary Pre-Raphaelite wall decorations over the last few years. These make a unique setting for the varied selection of ceramics, ranging from teapots, mugs and vases to sculpture, animals, jewellery or pots for the garden.

Directions: The church is opposite Jesus College, on Jesus Lane, Cambridge. The closest parking is either at a parking meter on the street outside, in Park Street multi-storey, or in the Newmarket Road Grafton Centre car park. Alternatively, try Cambridge Park and Ride.

Sunday 31 October 2010

Update: commissions and projects

'The Baptism of Jesus' by Rosalind Hore has been installed at St Edmund Tyseley and a date is being sought for the dedication of the painting which has been donated to the church by Jonathan Evens in memory of his father, Rev. Phil Evens, a former Vicar of the Parish.

Caroline Richardson has begun work on the windows which she has designed for St Peter Harold Wood. Her two windows show complementary images containing John 10.10 (I have come that they may have life and have it to the full) and in the other, John 8.12 (I am the light of the world).

The faculty has been obtained for the etched glass windows designed by Henry Shelton for All Saints Hutton. Each window will celebrate a different saint using Shelton's trademark minimal but flowing lines to form symbols of each saint.

A faculty is being sought for a sculpture in the new community garden at St John Seven Kings. This sculpture which has been designed in discussion with the community garden planning group incorporates a mosaic which will be created by Viki Isherwood-Metzler.

Mark Lewis has had an initial design for a holy water stoup approved by St Margaret Great Ilford and is also undertaking research for the Art Trail which commission4mission is creating for the Barking Episcopal Area. Mark has identified 40 churches in the Episcopal Area with artworks which may feature in the Trail. These include work by artists such as Hans Feibusch, Eric Gill, John Hutton and John Piper.

Submissions are being sought for Run with the fire, an Olympics-themed art project instigated by CANA, commission4mission and Veritasse. The project will create a virtual exhibition of international artwork for presention alongside Olympics-themed arts events or exhibitions organized by local churches in 2012. The closing date for submissions is 19th November and each submission will be considered by a jury/selection committee invited by the steering group which includes Dianne B. Collard (Director of Ministries - Europe for Artists in Christian Testimony International), Martin Crampin (Artist, researcher and designer), and Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker (Editor-in-Chief of ArtWay).

Saturday 30 October 2010

Run with the fire (2)

Run with the fire, the Olympics-themed project on which we are collaborating with CANA and Veritasse, is featured in the current edition of Mosaic, the e-zine from StoneWorks. Click here for a link to their piece highlighting our call for submissions.

The closing date for Run with the fire submissions is 19th November. 

Alan Hitching



Alan Hitching is a poet and potter. He says that poetry and pottery are like two languages for him. Words he has used all his life in poetry to express feelings and faith, the other language of clay he has only over the last 15 years since he was challenged to learn. Joy has come when the two languages speak on the same topic at the same time, expressing together his thoughts and feelings on subjects. Alan is available to speak about these two languages, show examples of his work, share related poems and introduce the spirituality that underpins and informs his work.

New work by Joel

Here are the new life sized Dove Bronzes by the Sculptress Joel which are available in classic bronze, bright gold bronze and white patina bronze and as single, pair, trio or … your own flock.

Friday 29 October 2010

Exhibition: All Saints West Ham

The latest rehang of our ongoing exhibition at All Saints West Ham features work by Colin Burns, Elizabeth Duncan Meyer, Jonathan Evens, Mark Lewis, Caroline Richardson, Henry Shelton and Joy Rousell Stone.

Exhibition: Joy Rousell Stone

Joy Rousell Stone exhibited a selection of landscapes and animal paintings this week at St Nicholas Rawreth, one of two churches welcoming regular exhibitions by commission4mission artists. Judging by comments left, Joy's skillful technique and insightful eye were greatly appreciated by those viewing the exhibition.

Sunday 24 October 2010

Peacing Together One World performance evening

Our Peacing Together One World performance evening at St Mary Magdalene Billericay was a tremendous time with excellent readings of poems from a selection of significant poets (from John Donne to Stewart Henderson) by Michael Creasey and Keith Harman. Original poetry was provided by Pam Adams, Anne Creasey, Jonathan Evens, Helen Gould, and Eileen Mayer. Jonathan Evens also read poetry and showed images by Alan Hitching and introduced a visual presentation of his meditations combined with images by Henry Shelton under the heading Mark of the CrossColin Burns ended both sections of the evening with his engaging and varied guitar instrumentals.

The above photographs also show some the additional exhibitions works to those shown in the earlier selection of photographs, including works by Richard Baxter, Joy Rousell Stone and Vicky Woodford. 

Following on from showing work in the Peacing Together One World exhiition, Joy Rousell Stone has a one week one person exhibition at St Nicholas Rawreth which begins tomorrow (Monday 25th October). Click here for more details.