Thursday 30 September 2010

RUN WITH THE FIRE: Call for Submissions

‘Run With The Fire’ is an arts project for the London 2012 Olympics organized by CANA, commission4mission and Veritasse based on the image of fire which links the Church’s Pentecost celebration with that of the Olympic runner.

The images that seeded this project come from the celebration of Pentecost, with its tongues of fire, new languages, and promise of dreams and visions, plus the Olympic games, with its running messenger carrying forward the burning torch and its dreams of cross cultural harmony. The vision of Pentecost, and also of the Olympics, is one of celebration and cross-cultural understanding. As a result, our title ’Run With The Fire’ emerged.


Artists and designers, selected to be part of the project, will begin by writing a statement to describe their vision of ’Running With The Fire’ for the other artists/designers involved. Each artist/designer will then create an artwork, using the idea of another artist/designer as a starting point. This aspect of the project simulates the idea of a relay, with ideas being passed from one artist/designer to the next.

Artists will make their work available electronically for use in the project, so that the mapping of ideas as they travel from one artist to another can become part of the final product. The resulting virtual exhibition will be available on DVD, for display on large scale HD TV or monitor, or for projection using a digital projector. This virtual exhibition of international artwork will be presented alongside arts events or exhibitions organized by local churches.

’Run With The Fire’ also aims to provide an electronic resource package, to accompany the virtual exhibition, which will give ideas for churches on how to organize and facilitate community arts events. These local events will enrich the experiences of those attending and will provide a context for the ’Run With The Fire’ exhibition in each venue.

Optimal exhibition spaces are churches, community centers, open air venues (with some covered space), local art galleries etc.

Once churches sign up to the event, they will need to pay £50 to cover the cost of the DVD and other materials. Any profit on the sale of resources will be donated to Oxfam. Churches will also bear the cost of actually putting on the ’Run With The Fire’ event, including venue hire, additional publicity and resources used at the community events.


You are invited to apply to join the project by submitting samples of your work (website link or e-mailed images in jpg format) and your CV (consisting of education, awards, solo and group show exhibition history) to Sue Newham at by 19th November 2010 at the latest.

All submissions will be considered by a jury/selection committee invited by the steering group which includes Dianne B. Collard (Director of Ministries - Europe for Artists in Christian Testimony International), Martin Crampin (Artist, researcher and designer), and Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker (Editor-in-Chief of ArtWay). All entrants will be informed about selection by the end of January 2011. Successful applicants will then be asked to submit their completed artwork electronically by the start of August 2011.

Artists will be selected based on: submitted samples of their work (website link or e-mailed images in jpg format); their CV (consisting of education, awards, solo and group show exhibition history); and their geographical location (in order to have a genuinely international spread of artists).

Successful applicants are asked to make a firm commitment to complete their artwork by the August 2011 deadline. We are aware that unforeseen personal circumstances can make it impossible to fulfill a commitment at times, but we are keen that the integrity and impact of the project should not be jeopardized by a high drop-out rate. We ask every applicant to count the cost and time implications of involvement in this project, before submitting their name and work for inclusion.


Three arts groups with international connections (commission4mission, CANA and Veritasse) have come together to organize this project which celebrates creativity, cultural exchange and hope for the future. More information about these groups can be found at:;; and

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