Saturday 9 January 2010

Abundant life

Caroline Richardson has been commissioned by St Peter's Harold Wood to work towards the enhancement of the windows in their north transept.

This commission celebrates a major £2.5 million redevelopment to bring the St Peter’s Centre (and the Ingrebourne Centre across the road, leased from the Council) fully into the 21st Century and fit for purpose. The main emphases are welcome, hospitality, accessibility and service to the community. First impressions and relationships are important – hence contemporary and attractive facilities to welcome and serve people; a central hub for reception and information, cafĂ©-style facilities for hospitality and meeting people, designated provision for the very young and the elderly, commercial kitchens up to the best professional standards, areas and equipment for leasing and training needs, complete accessibility to all areas, purpose-built offices for all staff and today’s ministry.

The coloured sections of Caroline's design are textured to imply the movement of water and the spray as it tumbles down. The image of plentiful water is evocative of abundant life and represents the flow of living water mentioned in John’s gospel, poured out from heaven to earth. The two windows show complimentary images containing John 10.10 (I have come that they may have life and have it to the full) and in the other, John 8.12 (I am the light of the world).

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