Saturday 16 May 2009

Airbrushed from Art History?

Jonathan Evens is asking for help with a Personal Development project that he is currently undertaking.

The project involves him firstly in reviewing and updating his reading on Christian influences on Modern and Contemporary Art and secondly in posting summaries of these influences at his blog. He is calling the series of posts 'Airbrushed from Art History?' as his basic contention is that these influences have been consistently overlooked or ignored in art histories.

Your help, if you are able to give it, would be to comment on these posts, as and when you are able, as people able to critique or develop the ideas and information summarised in the posts.

Jonathan's aim is to systematise and develop his thinking on this theme and make use of the material generated in Study Days and other events to be organised in future by Commission For Mission. The series of posts will potentially also form a useful source of reference for those interested in this topic.

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