Thursday 4 June 2009

West Ham Festival exhibition

Following the success of our Pentecost Festival exhibition, we are looking forward to our next exhibition which will show work by a wider range of our artists.

Among those showing work in the West Ham Festival (All Saints Church, Church Street, West Ham, London E15 3HU) from 20th - 27th June will be Harvey Bradley, Anne Creasey, Michael Creasey, Jonathan Evens, David Hawkins, Rosalind Hore, Henry Shelton, Peter Shorer and Joy Rousell Stone. The works on show will include conceptual pieces, embroidered panels, paintings (abstract and figurative), photographs, and wall hangings.

In addition, to Commission For Mission's exhibition there will also be: exhibitions by Andy McGuire and John Uche; a church history exhibition (All Saints is one of Newham's finest buildings which dates back a thousand years); a textiles exhibition; and a flower festival. The West Ham Festival also features a range of events and services. Details of these can be found by clicking here.

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