Thursday 28 January 2010

Drawing First

Mark Lewis has a new website for his consultancy work, called Drawing First. He aims to open up the world of freehand drawing to people of all ages for professional and personal development, stimulation or enjoyment.

Drawing First aims to:
  • Develop and extend drawing skills and
  • Foster creative thinking in a variety of exciting learning contexts.

Mark firmly believes that, in the pursuit of every artistic endeavour, one should always put drawing first and says:

"Drawing is a great way to 'see' and a powerful means of personal expression and communication. Drawing can also be a journey of discovery, inspiring, reflective, therapeutic and fun."

Drawing First workshops and events are designed to explore drawing in order to:

  • Promote active looking
  • Encourage visual enquiry
  • Enhance learning
  • Stimulate creativity

These are offered to schools, colleges, universities, commercial organisations, museums, art clubs, churches and other community organisations, pitched at different levels of experience and satisfying a wide range of needs. Workshops may be of variable duration and embrace a diversity of drawing practices, techniques and graphic media.

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