Friday 3 July 2009

Leytonstone Festival exhibition

Ivy 1 & Ivy 2 By David Hawkins

Chalice & Paten By Harvey Bradley, Genesis by Michael J. Creasey & Today by Jonathan Evens

Entrance to the church & exhibition showing works by Jonathan Evens, Harvey Bradley & Rosalind Hore

Work by Harvey Bradley (and Rosalind Hore - in background)

Harvey Bradley's pottery

Works by Jonathan Evens & Harvey Bradley

Café Refresh

Michael J. Creasey, Henry Shelton & Helen Gould

Works by Harvey Bradley & Joy Rousell Stone

Henry Shelton & Helen Gould

Harvey Bradley & Michael J. Creasey

Works by Jonathan Evens, Michael J. Creasey & Peter Webb

Works by Henry Shelton & Jonathan Evens

North York Moors by David Hawkins

The Moment of Resurrection by Rosalind Hore

Jesus in the Boat by Rosalind Hore & The Sparrow by Joy Rousell Stone
Our Leytonstone Festival exhibition, which is part of the Leytonstone Art Trail, has been set up today at St Andrews Leytonstone ready for the community opening event on Sunday between 12 noon and 2.00pm. The exhibition, which features work by Harvey Bradley, Michael J. Creasey, Jonathan Evens, David Hawkins, Rosalind Hore, Henry Shelton, Peter Shorer, Joy Rousell Stone and Peter Webb will then be open from Tuesday 7 – Thursday 16 July (Tuesday-Friday: 12-4 pm; Saturday: 10-4pm). The new Café Refresh (see photo above) at St Andrews will also be open for teas, coffees, hot chocolate, light snacks and lunches.

An Art & Spirituality networking evening will be held on 9 July from 7-9.30pm involving presentations from three of our artists on the theme of 'Spirituality - the heartbeat of Art?'. The three artists giving their personal responses to this question will be:
  • Rosalind Hore is a sculptor and painter of Christian subjects – Christ figures, nativity sets, Ecce Homo, Stations of the Cross etc. She works in clay, plaster, concrete (figures can also be bronze cast at the foundry). Her paintings are mostly in acrylic of the events in the life of Christ.
  • Mark Lewis is an artist, silversmith, Arts Lecturer at London Metropolitan University and Chair of Faith & Image. He has undertaken drawing and painting in a Christian context and has designed and made Church plate. In addition to his lecturing, Mark has delivered workshops for The Big Draw as part of its national launch.
  • Jonathan Evens paints in a symbolic expressionist style and has facilitated the involvement of churches in a range of public art projects. His arts journalism has featured in publications including 'Art & Christianity' and 'The Church Times'. He is also a creative writer (meditations, poetry, short stories, and a blog) and the Vicar of St John the Evangelist Seven Kings. Jonathan is the Secretary of Commission for Mission.

Following their input, the evening will continue with open discussion and debate. All are welcome.

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