Sunday 6 March 2011

Art Trail for the Barking Episcopal Area

The Art Trail for the Barking Episcopal Area now has its own page on the Diocesan website (click here) which enables viewers to see the Art Trail leaflet online.

The launch of the Art Trail generated local publicity, some of which can be viewed by clicking here and here.

Father Benjamin Rutt–Field, Priest at St Paul’s Goodmayes which hosted the launch event, said: “We had a good turnout, there was a broad mix of people; people from the Christian faith, from the congregation, from the Redbridge deanery, a very influential spectrum of people from all different angles.”

“The hope is that people will engage with the church in ways other than just coming in for their normal service, which may put some people off.

“We also want to make people aware that the church is now, and always has really, been a great patron of the arts, and there is great wealth of local talent and local art in the community. So we just want to make people aware that it’s here and people can come and enjoy it.”

Mark Lewis, who researched and wrote the Art Trail leaflet said: “We discovered amazing diversity out there and some incredible surprises; it was quite obvious there were some stunningly beautiful pieces that deserved to be better known.”

“Good sacred art is also like poetry and has many layers of meaning.”

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