Sunday 16 August 2009

Press coverage

Henry Shelton has been featured in this week's edition of his local newspaper, the Ilford Recorder. In the piece Henry tells how he came up with the idea for Commission For Mission and says:
"I enjoy the creative process. I sometimes ask myself why I'm doing it! But I've been blessed. I enjoy the profoundness and mystery of it. If you go to Italy, the churches are full of tourists looking at the art. But you don't really get that here. Often, wonderful art can be found in churches, but people would rather go to galleries. It is important that the link between the Church and art is recognised."
The latest issue of Art & Christianity has been published and includes an exhibition review written by Jonathan Evens plus information about our November Study Day. Jonathan's review is of an installation entitled The Manifestation - Falling Pheobe by Richard Layzell and Tania Koswycz at St Martin's Colchester. An online review by Jonathan of the same installation can be found by clicking here.

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