Monday 8 March 2010

'Stations of the Crown of Thorns' tryptich

The first stage of work on the tryptich

Henry blocking in the base colours for the tryptich

Henry and Fr. Ben Rutt-Field, Vicar of St Paul's Goodmayes

Henry Shelton has begun work on the tryptich that will complete the 'Stations of the Crown of Thorns' commission for St Paul's Goodmayes. Working on site, the photos above show his initial work sketching out the design and blocking in the base colours.
While Henry is at work on the tryptich, the church members are painting the interior following rewiring work which includes new lighting for the 'Stations' once installed.
Henry's 'Stations' will add to the significant stained glass at the church by Edward Burne-Jones/William Morris and Leonard Evetts, among others.

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