Thursday 15 April 2010

From the Darkness and Colin Burns

From the Darkness ... light in contemporary art is a Brighton Festival Fringe exhibition (1 May – 23 May 2010) at Little St Peter's Church, Preston Park, Brighton.

The curator of the exhibition is Nathaniel Hepburn, from Mascalls Gallery in Paddock Wood, West Kent. ‘From the Darkness’ is one of a series of exhibitions from Brighton to Canterbury including works by major international artists including Graham Sutherland, Stanley Spencer, Marc Chagall and Maggi Hambling.

Works of all media which engage with light are to be exhibited in the beautiful setting of this 13th century church, including Illumined Way by Colin Burns.

Colin writes that journeying into the unknown, a sense of adventure and discovery, hinting that there may be something more beyond the physical world than we can see, are all themes that he explores in his work. He does this through the depiction of landscape, where there may be a path leading into the distance which symbolises the idea of journey or there may be light coming from an unseen source drawing the viewer in almost as if entering a hidden, unseen world.

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