Thursday 5 August 2010

BASH exhibition: Caroline Richardson

Caroline Richardson's current exhibition at the Visual Arts Centre in Frances Bardsley School, Romford, ends tomorrow but is well worth seeing. Caroline plays with colour, light and reflection in beautiful works which utilise fused glass, silk paints and textiles to explore natural themes and imagery.

Caroline says:

"Glass is a wonderful medium to work with; the unexpected is always just around the corner. Light plays a big part in the design considerations as the glass may look completely different in different lighting or at different times of day. This gives each piece a life of its own, variety unlike any other."

A second commission4mission artist, Michael Creasey, will also be exhibiting at the Visual Arts Centre as part of the Big Arts Submission Havering (BASH) programme. Michael's exhibition runs from 23 - 27th August beginning with a Launch Night from 7 - 9.00pm on 23rd and continuing from 9.30am - 3.00pm.

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