Thursday 16 June 2011

Artist's update

Robert Enoch's latest work has been a Pentecost Installation at St Mary's Hemel Hempstead (see first photo above). He and Jonathan Evens will lead services at St Paul's Harlow (where Robert created an Easter installation) on Sunday 3rd July as part of ongoing work which commission4mission is undertaking with the church and which is intended to lead to a Study Day on Saturday 17th September exploring the value of public art.

Elizabeth Duncan Meyer is showing in Take Five, a mixed show at the Piers Feetham Gallery of work by Duncan Meyer, Maurice Moeri, Suzanne Osborne, Minna Fry and Maureen Sweeny until this coming Saturday. The show includes paintings, prints, sculpture and glasswork.

Jonathan Evens has a solo show in the commission4mission space at All Saints West Ham until 21st July (church opening times, see church website for details). He is showing a selection of photographs from his Windows on the world series plus his Broken journey, fragmented story installation (see photos 2 - 5 above). His show will be at All Saint's throughout their West Ham Festival, which includes concerts, a gala dinner, exhibitions and a range of other events and services. Other work due to be shown during the West Ham Festival can be seen in photos 6-8 above, including paintings by Chandrakumar Sukumaran.

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