Monday 8 August 2011

E17 Art Trail 2011

Rev. Steven Saxby writes: "The E17 Art Trail programme is just out. Once again we have a wide selection of top quality work at St Barnabas Walthamstow (Venue 76) and some excellent work, including Henry Shelton's Stations of the Cross, coming into St Saviour's Walthamstow (Venue 77). The link for the programme with all the listings for both churches and all other venues is at"

Work being shown at St Barnabas this year includes banners, cartoons, flower arrangements, jewellery, photograms, photographs, silver. Artists include: Rebecca de Quin, Lorraine Huddle, Lano, Louise Loder, Anna Newson-Lyons, Sean Pines, J.A. Saxby, Kirsten Schmidt, Sandra Shevlin, Simplystems, Paul Tucker. St Saviour's will also show paintings by Elizabeth Pell and soft sculptures by Harriet Hammel.

The Tokarska Gallery is also taking part in the E17 Art Trail. Cognitive Congestion is a group show featuring: Allen Browne, Punk Recruit, Fiona McGregor, Patrick O'Sullivan, and Nadiya Pavliv-Tokarska. The Private View is Thursday 1 September 2011, 6pm - 9pm and the exhibition continues until 11 September 2011, 12pm - 7pm.

At first, the work that arises may seem disparate and divergent, but give it a second consideration, and dialogues emerge. Nadiya Pavliv-Tokarska's paintings of London's business streets form a dialogue with Patrick O'Sullivan's structural paintings which in turn draw our attention to the fabric of the gallery. Allen Browne's paintings draw us back to the present as he explores fragmentation through refraction by glass and prisms. In Fiona McGregor's Silent Song, a post-apocalyptic robotic intelligence delivers its message through fragments of text and song. You would imagine that silent mannequins would be in-human and alien, but in Punk Recruit's handling they are far from being a non-human presence and come to stand in for the human presence absent, though implied, by the other works in the show.

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