Tuesday 29 November 2011

Creative Spirit

Creative Spirit is a new resource for the Church based on the Methodist Church Collection of Modern Christian Art. It consists of eight study sessions on disc with DVD and PowerPoint resources. A 48-page booklet includes leader's notes, colour reproductions, prayers, and bible readings related to the paintings. Forty works of art, by a range of international artists are featured, with eight works selected for special presentation. 

Creative Spirit is compiled and written by Sarah Middleton, Elizabeth Moore, David Hollingsworth and Neil Thorogood: artists and educators from within the Methodist Church, Church of England, and The United Reformed Church.

Who is it for?
  • House groups
  • Works very well for Lent bible study
  • Local Preachers and leaders of worship
  • Retreat and Quiet Day leaders
  • School and youth groups 16 +
  • Individuals wanting a fresh, art-based approach to personal devotion
How does it work?

Each DVD case contains a booklet and two discs:
Session material in the booklet may be photocopied for one-off use.

The price is £9.99 plus £2.50 p&p and there are three ways to order: includes works by Graham Sutherland, Elisabeth Frink and many other renowned artists. It is a living collection, and It has been seen and appreciated by thousands of people, and now you can also experience it on this website; most of the images are accompanied by expert commentary: http://www.methodist.org.uk/static/artcollection/.
  • - Online: http://www.ourmagnet.co.uk/
  • - by phone: 0844 736 2524
  • - by post: PO Box 10378, Bishop’s Stortford CM23 9FT. Cheques payable to Magnet Resources.
The Methodist Church Collection of Modern Christian Art

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