Thursday 1 December 2011

Anglicans invite artists back to church

Marisa Martin is a Christian, conservative political activist, practicing artist of over 30 years, and writer of the 'True Colors' column on WorldNetDaily. Her most recent piece - 'Anglicans invite artists back to church' - is a feature on commission4mission, including our current exhibition at the Tokarska Gallery.
In her article, Martin notes that commission4mission works to keep alive the Anglican Church tradition of inspiring, commissioning and installing new art but "uses contemporary and decidedly nontraditional art" to do so. She highlights particularly the work of Peter Webb and Christopher Clack, describing Webb's Supper at Emmaus as "something like a cross between Jack Levine's and Franz Hals' group scenes" and Clack's Descent II as "visually riveting, although spiritually neutral."

The question that commission4mission poses, she suggests, is whether "new and contemporary symbols be found for the traditional images and doctrines of the Christian faith?"

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