Wednesday 29 August 2012

Next c4m event and exhibition

c4m's next event and exhibition will be part of the second Barking Episcopal Area Arts Festival ( which will run from Saturday 6th - Sunday 14th October parallel to the Woodford Festival ( 

As part of these Festivals, we are organising a Big Draw event at St Marys Woodford ( on Saturday 6th October. This will be part of events for the opening of the Festival which also include an organ recital and an art exhibition.

A c4m exhibition will be held at All Saints Woodford Wells ( from 10.00am - 7.30pm on Saturday 13th October prior to an evening concert at All Saints by the Meljon Singers ( This exhibition will include work by Jonathan Evens, Alan Hitching, Francesca RossJoy Rousell Stone and Peter Webb, among others.

In addition, Jonathan Evens is involved in organising a 'Celebration of Poetry' evening (poetry readings with musical/storytelling interludes) at St Paul's Woodford Bridge ( on Friday 12th October from 7.30pm which is likely to involve Tim Cunningham (, Jane Grell ( and Malcolm Guite (, among others.

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