Monday 17 December 2012

Hayley Bowen

Death of an Empire Butterfly

The Kiss

Hayley Bowen was born in Carmarthen South West Wales and grew up in the valley of Gwendraeth opposite Pentremawr colliery. She always wanted to be a 'great Artist' but was brought up being told she would not achieve her goals. She studied art at Dyfed College of Art and then illustration at Cambridgeshire College of Art and Technology. She has worked as a freelance artist, dressmaker/craft worker, art technician and art tutor. She has also worked voluntarily on many exhibitions, most memorably the Dora Gordine retrospective.

She exhibits annually with a local group and her work is in many collections. She has made artwork for television, and lately has been exhibiting with The Workshop, a pop up shop run by Kingston University Alumni, where she has also studied 'History of Art and Architecture and Design'. She also has work at the Market House in Kingston. 

Hayley says, "I now want to carry on making improvements and to contribute more to my craft, to exhibit and to produce more work and hopefully in some way enhance peoples lives by sharing with them the enjoyment and magic of visual art, which is something that has played a major part in my life, in the appreciation and love of the work of all the old (and new) masters, and also in my case, wanting the pleasure of completing a job well done."

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