Saturday 25 May 2013

Art talks and exhibition reception

The Barking Episcopal Area Arts Festival has featured a full day on the visual arts today with art talks, the Run with the Fire digital art exhibition and Harlow Seniors Photographic Society Exhibition at St Paul's Harlow plus a lunchtime reception at the commission4mission exhibition in 20 Broad Walk, Harlow Town Centre CM20 1HT.

Bishop Stephen Cottrell outlined the background to Stanley Spencer's Christ in the Wilderness paintings before sharing meditations based on particular paintings in the series. Mark Lewis summarised the career of John Piper, highlighting his interest in abstraction, typographical content, war commissions, colour and contrast, stained glass commissions before ending with his murals including the Emmaus mosaic at St Paul's Harlow.

Many of those at the art talks then came across to view commission4mission's current exhibition as part of our lunchtime reception. The exhibition continues until 4.00pm on Monday 27th May.   

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