Tuesday 30 July 2013

Fr. Stephen's anniversary gift

Fr Stephen Pugh, Parish Priest at St Margaret of Antioch Ilford, recently celebrated 25 years of ordained ministry and commission4mission received a commission to create a gift celebrating this occasion. The brief included reference to silver, the colour for 25th anniversaries, plus Stephen's love of France and his ministry itself. Henry Shelton rose to the challenge with the image above which was presented to Fr Stephen on Sunday 7th July.

St Margaret of Antioch recently received a special commendation from the Diocesan Advisory Committee in the Diocese of Chelmsford for their commissioning of a holy water stoup by Mark Lewis, which was also a commission4mission commission. commission4mission also gained a second such commendation for etched windows by Henry Shelton and Richard Paton at All Saints Hutton.  

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