Tuesday 1 October 2013

Deconstructing c o n f l i c t


'Burning Heads' by Maciej Hoffman

'The World In Despair' by Pouka

'Conflict Kid - Fun Future's Resort' by Hayley Bowen

'Agony' by Henry Shelton

'Drawer from The Cabinet of Sin & Salvation' by Jonathan Evens
Deconstructing c o n f l i c t is an art exhibition that will be held in Chelmsford Cathedral on 21st - 23rd October 2013 (7.45am – 9.00pm, ends 3.00pm Wednesday) and will feature expansive expressionist paintings by Maciej Hoffman supplemented by related work from commission4mission artists. Among commission4mission artists contributing work will be Hayley Bowen, Harvey Bradley, Jonathan Evens, Pouka, Henry Shelton, Joy Rousell Stone and Peter Webb. 
Maciej Hoffman is a Polish artist whose work is concerned with the trauma of all individuals and peoples who have suffered - and continue to suffer - worldwide. Hoffman “views his art as both a means of self-expression and a way of engaging in public discourse, depicting contrasts, emotions and powerful human experiences.” He has said that the subjects which interest him are those "issues that puzzle us throughout the years, forming our way of looking at the world, changing us."
Hoffman's work has been the focus previously of conferences and events on themes of conflict and resolution in the UK and Poland, including exhibitions such as: Art of Reconciliation 2012 - Edith Stein Centre, Wroclaw Poland; Blue Line Holocaust Memorial Exhibition 2012 - Town Hall, Barry; Journey Line 2011 - Town Hall Wroclaw; and Journey Line 2010 - Oxford Chabad Society.

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