Thursday 24 September 2009

Faith & Image: Buddhist Art

Graham Dixon introduces the evening with a brief history of Buddhist Art

Photograph by Padmayogini

Painting by Padmayogini

The artist Padmayogini during her talk

Paintings by Padmayogini

The latest meeting of the Faith & Image group was held last night at St Marys Woodford. Buddhist artist Padmayogini spoke about the interaction between her faith and art.
Beginning by explaining her Buddhist name, Padmayogini told us a little of her personal journey as an artist, a Buddhist and a Buddhist artist, illustrating her talk with slides of paintings and photographs. She spoke firstly about her artistic responses to nature before outlining the ways in which meditation and visualisation had enhanced her art. She has a regular practice of retreat during which many of the photographs she showed had been composed. Her paintings now combine natural images with figures of significance within Buddhism.
The second stage of this Faith & Image meeting involves a visit on Friday 2nd October to the London Buddhist Centre at Bethnal Green. Please let Jean Wyber ( or Jane Cooper ( know if you are intending to come on the visit. The visit will conclude (for wishing to stay) with a vegetarian lunch on 2 October at the Buddhist restaurant next door to the London Buddhist Centre.
Forthcoming Faith & Image meetings/visits will cover Armenian Art in November and Hindu Art in February.

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