Wednesday 21 July 2010

Go Well, Be Well

Ally Clarke

"Oh My Word" bottled water
Ally Clarke has been involved in several recent collaborative projects, the latest being a commissioned work for Camberwell Arts Week.
Oh My Word (Gillian Arnold, Ally Clarke, Claire Hart and Holly Robertson) charted the water flow from Camberwell’s ancient well through installation, printing and textile art. As well as highlighting aspects of Camberwell’s past, their work raised questions about marketing and how this affect our perceptions of an area – as well as the ongoing pursuit of health and well-being.
Ally writes that:
"The focus of the piece was referring back to a time when Camberwell was an aspirational destination for those seeking refreshment and it's healing waters. We linked this historical reference with the question for today "where can I get this healing water?" and produced 'merchandise' with the slogan "Go Well Be Well". It was great. We created our own branded water product and had it on display in local bars and cafes and staff in these venues wore tee shirts with the same slogan and we put our posters all around the town."

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