Friday 12 November 2010

Club Urban's 'Genesis' Exhibition

Club Urban is a forum for Arts and the Bible providing the opportunity, over informal breakfast and supper gatherings, for engaging with other artists to advance Christian-based thinking and action. Their latest exhibition is currently at the Westferry Studios and last night they held an evening of artist talks and music in the exhibition space.

The exhibition featured work by Colin Burns (who also performed several of his guitar instrumentals) and Viki Isherwood-Metzler. Colin said, "In the Genesis exhibition I have explored the theme of the garden. I use the garden as a point of entry into another type of world and also to convey a sense of light and vibrancy reflecting something of the nature of God." Viki, commenting on her animation strip 'Eve' and cartoons 'The Big Bang' and 'Dinosaurs', said "In contrast to Stephen Hawking I do believe in God or a creator of all things, even if they didn't happen as I depict in my cartoons. I guess I am showing how things could have - and in the 'Eve' piece - how it should have happened."

This was a very interesting and engaging exhibition with a wide range of different media and styles on show. Among other works which particularly took the eye were: Jon Britten's Possibilities of new horizons with its abstract mark making suggesting the dynamism of creative activity; John Gledhill's Jacob's Dream and Jacob wrestling the angel with their Kossoff-like use of thick impasto echoing the drama inherent in these narratives; David Healey's The Word exploring the emergence of the Word of God through multiple images of John 1 from a screwed up to revealed state; Noel Isherwood's Stadt Babylon and Stadt Nineva paintings with their God's eye view of cityscapes anticipating the New Jerusalem; and Reto Scheiber's Jesus video animation based on light in darkness and inspired by his conversion experience.

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