Saturday 4 February 2012

Death is certain - Nothing dies (2)

The digital graphics tryptich Death is certain - Nothing dies formed the centrepiece to the small retrospective of Christopher Clack's work at Modern Religious Art which ended today.

Juxtapositions are Clack’s stock-in-trade. Tyrannasaurus rex and crucifix, cemetery and prism, head formed by the moon, pieta with astronaut - these are just some of the disparate images brought together in his work and this show. Such juxtapositions position us at a point of paradox, a liminal place where there are more questions than answers, as in Death is certain - Nothing dies.

Clack has written that:

"In much contemporary art practice we are not given answers, we are given images and word games. Contemporary art attempts to move us away from the everyday, to break down our ideas and preconceptions ... artists in someway expect us to be able to live with their inexplicable contents, to live with the inexplicable. 'What does it mean' is not the appropriate question in relation to contemporary art, but how does it alter my perceptions, does it open things up."

Similarly, in a interview with Living South, Clack said: 

"People ask what I am trying to express, but I can't say I set out to express anything. In the process of working you find things, and show what you find.

"The process of making art can seem a messy business, chaotic at times; what the rules are is never very clear, and when we find rules we then break them as the situation calls, yet out of this comes an order, a sense of meaning. Many artists will say their best work seems is if it made itself."

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