Wednesday 14 March 2012

Pentecost Festival exhibition: Saturday programme

Here is the event programme for Saturday 26th May at our Run with the Fire exhibition for the Pentecost Festival (Strand Gallery, 22nd - 27th May, 11.00am – 6.00pm):

·         Painting demonstration – Harvey Bradley, ongoing throughout the day. See Harvey work on a painting and discuss his approach with him.
·         The Spiritual Image in Modern Art - Mark Lewis, 11.30am. A broad overview of the spiritual impulse in the art forms of the modern world and their potential to turn our minds to higher things.
·         Run with the Fire – Steve Scott, 12.30pm. A talk about the ‘Run with the Fire’ project and DVD.
·         Stanley Spencer – A Visionary of our Time Mark Lewis, 2.00pm. A talk which examines the life and work of one of Britain’s most renowned and eccentric 20th Century painters. The main themes include Spencer’s time as a war artist, and his extraordinary paintings which envision the Christian Gospels played out by the people in his beloved home town of Cookham.
·         Praying with our eyes open Glenn Lowcock, 3.00pm. A talk on using images as an aid to prayer.
·         Emotional Tourist – Steve Scott, 4.00pm. What I am learning about art, life, spirituality, Trinity, and relational aesthetics from my travels in Bali and elsewhere.
·         Christian influences on modern & contemporary art – Jonathan Evens, 5.00pm. A broad overview of modern and contemporary art and artists which engage with Christianity.

Harvey Bradley is a potter and painter who is a membership both of Anglian Potters and commission4mission. Mark Lewis is an artist, silversmith, Fine Arts lecturer, and member of commission4mission. Steve Scott is a writer, poet, musician, and the facilitator of the Christian Artist’s Networking Association (CANA). Glenn Lowcock is an artist and illustrator who is also a member of the Secular Franciscan Order. Jonathan Evens is an artist and writer who is also a priest in East London and the secretary of commission4mission.

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