Wednesday 9 May 2012

Two exhibitions

“LOOKING INTO GLORY” is an exhibition of paintings, drawings and poems by
Andrew Vessey from 30th May – 17th June, 2012 at Gallery Two, Wingfield Barns, Church Road, Wingfield, IP21 5RA (Tuesday – Saturday 10.00 am    5.00 pm, Sunday 10.00 am    4.00 pm). This solo exhibition includes an illustrated lecture by Andrew, a retired priest who previously trained in and taught fine art and art history. Entitled “Art, Imagination and God”,.
the Lecture will take place in the Gallery on Thursday 31st May starting at 7.30pm.

2012BC is the next exhibition at the Tokarska Gallery (10 - 19 May 2012). The Private View is
10 May 2012 from 6pm - 9pm. 2012BC features work by Sophie Bancroft, Hannah Humphrys, Daniel Salisbury, Polly Saunders and Matt Webb.

Sophie Bancroft is an artist based in the West Midlands who is currently focused within the combined disciplines of painting and sculpture. Having recently made the move from all space consuming canvases stretched directly onto walls, Bancroft is currently investigating the idea of painting in relation to the creation of sculptures. Concerned with colour, mark making and structure, she loads mdf forms with excesses of over watered acrylics. As a parallel exploration to this, Bancroft is also focused upon the idea of her audience 'exploring' her work through physical interaction.

Hannah Humphreys is an artist based in the West Midlands she produces abstract paintings which are inspired by a personal automatic narrative, which becomes descriptive, yet allusive. This narrative is used as part of the process in making the work. It is not her aim to reveal her subconscious mind nor to direct meaning, but to transport the viewer imaginatively in to a unique visual world; escaping from reality, crossing the boundaries from the outer to inner world.

From politics and newspaper headlines to history and social matters, Daniel Salisbury is an artist who tries to find humour where-ever he can. Never constrained by any one medium or method of working Daniel uses humour as an element of surprise, a release of tension built up through a narrative or often a lack of. Humour is one of the more powerful ways to get a message or point across; people are 60% more likely to remember information that is humouress. Laughter is a powerful tool.

As an artist Polly Saunders is concerned with problems of representation. Through large -scale charcoal drawings she investigates the problem of likeness and recognition in figurative art. Currently her drawings focus on representation in the Aristotelian term of ‘making present.’ In her drawings she seeks to distort the visual experience of recognition through cross-referencing multiple images simultaneously mirroring the experience of perception itself.

Matt Webb is a visual narrative artist based in Birmingham, Uk. His practice focuses predominantly on the comic medium and how this can be explored formally and conceptually within the art environment. He looks to broaden and enhance the comic's growing reputation as a medium through which we can create art by presenting narratives that are both ambiguous and open to interpretation.

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