Saturday 11 July 2009

St George and the Dragon

'St George and the Dragon' by Peter Webb

St George and the Dragon (detail)

St George & the Dragon (detail)

St George and the Dragon (detail)

Peter Webb has provided photographs of his latest commission, a painting of St George and the Dragon for The Bishop Stopford's School in Enfield.

Peter was Head of Art at The Bishop Stopford's School until his retirement. To judge from the Wikipedia entry on the School he is fondly remembered both for his artworks and his personality. Peter painted many portraits of staff at the School on their retirement most famous artwork among the School community, completed with the help of the sixth form, is his statue of Bishop Stopford which is made out of papier-mâché on a galvanised chicken-wire frame. His Supper at Emmaus also hangs in the School where it has now been joined by St George and the Dragon.

The new commission came about as a result a Jack Petchey award won by a teacher at the School, which was then used to commission the painting. The painting was dedicated on St George's Day earlier this year.

An additional painting by Peter used to hang in the School. This was his The Denial Of Saint Peter, featuring a likeness of the then Chaplain Lowry in the role of the Disciple Peter. On his retirement this painting was moved to its current location in St Marys Woodford.

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