Saturday 8 September 2012

E17 Art Trail: Steven Saxby interview

Steven Saxby has been interviewed about his curation of exhibitions for the E17 Art Trail. Click here to read the interview in which he says: "It is very exciting that we have these artist expressions of thoughts and feelings and reflections on what is meaningful in their lives and how this can communicate with others ... I always liked the relationship between art and expression and how people are communicating something about their lives."

Steven has once again organised an amazing line-up of artworks for the E17 Art Trail at St Barnabas and St Saviours, both in Walthamstow. Click here for information about the 16 different displays/events at St Barnabas and here for the 7 displays/events at St Saviours.

Another c4m member Nadiya Pavliv-Tokarska is contributing two displays at the Tokarska Gallery. Click here for details.

When deciding the theme for this year’s E17 Art Trail the organisers knew they had to find an expression to reflect the generosity of all who make this such a rich festival programme. Bestow giftwraps the invitation of almost 3000 practising artists and creative contributors, an invitation to enjoy the vision, to relish the gifts and to consider the ideas of our creative community. Doors are open to you revealing new compositions in artists workspaces and homes. Poets, playwrights, musicians, and comics will captivate you with stories old and new. You will encounter art that is joyous, challenging, confrontational, delightful, humourous, distinguished, ambitious and enterprising. Enjoy your visit, and treasure the memories.

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