Thursday 20 September 2012

Tokarska Gallery update

The Tokarska Gallery is seeking entries for a Group Show at the Gallery during 14 - 24 February 2013.

In 2008, the world reached an invisible but momentous milestone: For the first time in history, more than half its human population were living in urban areas. It is estimated that the next few decades will see an unprecedented scale of urban growth. Living in the city is a fact of modern life. From the rich architectural and cultural heritage, vibrant demographics to long commutes and large crowds, life living and working in a city takes on different dimensions.

Cities influence their residents in many ways. Some see them as ever-changing complex urban systems, yet some see them as captivating fragments of our existence. This show will give artists the opportunity to express themselves creatively through their interpretation of the given theme. For more details visit the gallery website:

The new exhibition at the Gallery, which opens today, is of paintings by the Polish artist, Maciej Hoffman.   Janusz Golik has said of this artist's work: “What is striking in Maciej Hoffman’s paintings is particularly their pugnacity. It is the courage in the way he operates with the color, material and texture. This pugnacity is valuable as it is courageous. There is the directness. There is not a moment of reflection about whether it is right or wrong. There is a human impulse. The painting speaks for itself. That is the force that convinces us, the viewers, that the artist knows what he is doing. His paintings are‘intercepted’ by the viewers. I observe it in the gallery. This pugnacity, this impetuousness, this revolt is like a conquest of man. There is no manipulation, calculation or smuggling of anything. This is how I see it.”

The Gallery is also currently running a juried open art competition leading to an exhibition for children and young people. Called 'Drawing the Culture' details can be found by clicking here.

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